Greek macro-economists turn violent against Mr Sapin

lundi 20 juillet 2015

Never ending negotiations have taken a darker turn July 20, 2015 with the terrorist attack conducted on the French Ministry of Economy, Michel Sapin.

Mr Sapin, who drives his own car, thinks his own thoughts and eats his own food, was refueling on his way back from Brussels when he was brutally attacked by two Greek macro-economists clad in traditional costumes. Mr Sapin was hit repeatedly with a Golden Rule and thus lost his balance, breaking his right arm in two places, his left arm being already broken since the vote of the Macron law.

The attack was claimed by the newly formed group, Black Moussaka, which aims at restoring Greek’s honor via “delicious, tasty and natural Greek cuisine, sound macroeconomics and attacking European bean counters in their home countries”.

The two perpetrators fled on foot using Marxist rhetoric in order to escape French police forces, mainly trained in fighting liberal policies. It remains to be seen whether Mr Sapin will press charges as the recently signed agreement between Greece and its creditors has limited judicial powers in Greece to “hearing victims with a sympathetic ear and severe scolding of miscreants via email”.

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